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August 4, 2014

i’ve been struggling to make a status about how nobody says “making love” anymore but it was too hard trying to make it sound like i was actually saying nothing, but it kinda ties back into people having such a negative view of the phrase “making love” and how it probably is alot more pressure and responsibility as a phrase now than it used to be in a time where it was used more often, “fucking” on the other hand has less weight behind it than it probably should.

July 8, 2014
i did a thing

i did a thing

July 5, 2014

fucking hell

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me when someone tries to flirt with me

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Dream life

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the world is my oyster and i’m HELLA allergic

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i want to go get food, but hailey is asleep and i forgot how weird it is to walk into stores alone going all “hello yes, this is me, i am here, i would like to purchase one perhaps two things” like a fucking nerd

June 18, 2014

my kink is that i do not like kinks and it gets me off and i DO NOT LIKE IT

June 18, 2014

i wish i was a horoscope writer for a local newspaper because i would make libra’s horoscope “pass the blunt” every week

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one thing i do like about tumblr is that it helps a lot of people find good resources about queer/trans community/ corrections about sexual misinformation that we are taught in public schools/ sites that detail social and political ramifications regarding the fucked up parts of how we treat people based on race/religion and many other great things that you otherwise might not be able to find very easily

but you are not being helpful to the world by being snide

i think being automatically predisposed to invalidate another person’s experience because they have not responded to it in a way you might have is very fucked up and does nothing to help them. and honestly if you are the kind of person that feels that need to weigh in on someone’s life it’s best to not do that in a way that could potentially be damaging.

i have actually heard alot of people i know (who i would generally regard as good people who know alot about various issues people face today) say some really fucked up things about others on a personal level (usually in some way invalidating a problem that person has presented them with)

i’m not saying that everyone needs to be a shoulder to cry on, but the least you can do is not be even shittier to them

June 15, 2014

I hate the speaking voice of high school boys

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Why do people even make concerts for stuff that isnt punk

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i remember once hearing a guy in high school describe to another guy that he had “got it in deep” with his girlfriend last night and i can’t possibly imagine what he thinks he is saying with that but to me it says that at least one of the following must be true:

1. he believes vaginas are an infinite hole that he must try to reach as far down as possible with his penis to score a point

2. he has a small penis and so getting anywhere is kind of a big deal for him

3. he has no idea how vaginas work at all

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10 word story

his lips said no but his eyes said “warped tour”